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This Week’s Notes for August 31st

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Welcome to Calvary Church - Consider Joining with us!

Mark your calendar for Calvary’s Fish Bake on August 31st from 5 to 8 p.m.

This Week’s Prayer List

This Week’s Calendar


WELCOME TO WORSHIP AT CALVARY CHURCH, STONINGTON.  We invite you to participate in all parts of our service, including the Holy Communion. We also invite you to explore the many ways you might become involved in the life of Calvary – we would love to have you join with us in serving God and growing in faith.

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS that our summer schedule with services at 8 & 9:30 a.m. ends TODAY. We will resume our schedule with services at 8 & 10 a.m. next Sunday, September 7.

COVENANT TO CARE:  Once again, Calvary’s generosity shines!  38 backpacks were delivered to 38 needy local foster children overstuffed with all the supplies for a new school year.  Thank you to all who participated in this wonderful ministry.  Special thanks to Mary Hughes, Candy Sanford, Kate Welch, and Ruth Saunders.

A RECENT NOTE FROM THE PAWCATUCK NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER indicates that the Emergency Food Pantry could really use canned fruit, instant mashed potatoes, baked beans, spaghetti sauce, canned chicken, and jam.  They also have a client whose son is a size XXL.  He started school last week.  The mother would very much appreciate gift cards to Walmart.  He’s battling his weight problem and is growing taller, but he needs sneakers, socks, shirts, and pants/shorts that fit him.  PNC gave him the one card that they had, but it won’t go far.  If you can help, the family would greatly appreciate it!  Vicki at the Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center.

Mark your calendars!  Home Coming Sunday and Harvest of Opportunities is Sunday, September 14th.  This is the day when we welcome back our Choirs and our Youth and Sunday School registration begins. We are ready for a new season at Calvary, and with that new season is our ‘HARVEST OF OPPORTUNITIES’ event!  Join us after the 8 and 10 a.m. services for a chance to discover, or re-discover, all the wonderful ministries of Calvary Church and to find the perfect opportunity for each one of us to further Christ’s work in the world.  This is a chance to become more closely connected to the wonderful community that is Calvary Church. Maybe you will discover something you had never thought of doing!  And if you cannot be there that Sunday, the “Opportunities to Serve”, listing all these ministries and whom to contact for more information, will be available both in the church office and in the back of the church.

NEW ASSORTMENT OF CALVARY NOTE CARDS:  Prayer & Care has prepared a new assortment of Calvary Note Cards for use by the Clergy and Prayer and Care Team.  They will be available for purchase by parishioners at the Harvest of Opportunities on Sunday, Sept. 14.  There is a 10-card assortment of beautiful images from the church and campus, plus packages of Dick Wertz’ painting of the church.  Purchase price is $10/pack.

SCHOLARSHIPS PROVIDED FOR STUDENTS FROM CHAIN:  Our two scholarship recipients from CHAIN Foundation, Joel and Mary, are entering their third year of college.  This month we sent a total of $1,500.00 from the Uganda Scholarship Fund to pay for a full semester for both of them at university.  Joel is studying Telecommunications Education at Kyambogo U., and Mary is studying Education at Uganda Christian University.  Both Mary and Joel return to Chain to volunteer their services at the orphanage.  We were privileged to meet them, review their study programs and grades and present them with their very first laptops, thanks to Vianna and Pfizer.  They expressed their gratitude to the members of Calvary Parish for giving them the opportunity to continue their education.  We have been providing scholarships to students for 13 years and have witnessed the difference it has made in their lives and the ways they are giving back to their communities.  Thanks be to God!  The Uganda Mission Team.

There are still many open dates to host COFFEE HOUR!  Coffee Hour is a great opportunity for fellowship.  Please join us after the 9:30 a.m., service (10:00 next week!) for this time of sharing and getting to know each other.  We are looking for volunteers to host a coffee hour (iced tea & lemonade in the courtyard in the summer).  September 7 (next week), 14, and 21 are still open for volunteers to sign up!  Iced tea & lemonade mix are provided during the summer and coffee during other seasons .  All that is required is set-up and some snacks.  A sign-up sheet and take home instructions are located on the kitchen door in the Parish Hall or contact Evelynn Lyons at 860-535-3286 or

MISSING SIGNS FROM ROUTE 1!  Calvary is missing 2 signs advertising the Uganda Chicken BBQ that were posted on Route 1.  If you picked them up to help us out, please let us know as soon as possible.  We use these sign boards frequently and will soon need them to let everyone know about our annual Fish Bake.  Just phone the church office at 860-535-1181, ext. 10, for Phyllis, or email at

LOAN OF CHURCH CHAIRS & TABLES TO ACTIVE CHURCH MEMBERS IS POSSIBLE, BUT MUST BE REQUESTED THROUGH THE CHURCH OFFICE AND APPROVED BY THE RECTOR.  This past year, occasionally we’ve had a problem with people returning these items late when they were needed for church programs, or taking them without asking.  You must “sign-out” what you have taken in the booklet in the church office, and return at the agreed upon time.  We request you consider a donation of $1 per chair borrowed – this money goes directly into a fund to replace broken chairs and tables (the Rector pays just like everyone else for chairs he borrows for personal use!).  We want to be good stewards of the church’s property and need your help and support in this.

NEWS FOR SENIORS FROM THE PAWCATUCK NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER:  The PNC has a Transportation Program for Seniors who are no longer able to drive or not feeling well enough to drive on a given day.  The definition of “Senior” for this program is those aged 60 and older.  They have 2 wheelchair accessible buses, a van, and a 4-door car.  They take people to doctor’s appointments, for blood work, banking, grocery shopping, and to the PNC activities there.  This is how the process works:  (1) Call 860-599-3285 x 15 and speak with Peggy or Barbara; (2) They will send you a PNC Transportation application; (3) Once they’ve received it, they schedule a home visit to meet you (and an adult child if necessary) – they do this to shorten the “getting acquainted” time so you meet the dispatcher of rides and one of their drivers beforehand and it helps the PNC drivers to determine if they can safely get in and out of your driveway.  The visit also helps to determine if they can safely transport you; (4) There is no cost for this service – Tipping of drivers is NOT ALLOWED.  Should you wish to donate to the program – to keep the wheels turning – simply send a check payable to: Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center with a note in the Memo Section saying Transportation Program – this is only if you want to.  They hope to be able to be of service to all Seniors in No. Stonington, Westerly, Stonington, and Pawcatuck in need of transportation.

The PRAYER SHAWL MAKERS will meet on the 4th Friday of the month at 12:15 in the Sacristy.  For further information, please contact Stevie Champion at or 401-596-8518.

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO BE PHYSICALLY PRESENT AT WORSHIP, you can now listen to our second Sunday service from a distance.  Here are directions:  Participants should dial 1-800-689-9374 (toll free).  Following the voice prompt, enter the conference pin number of 747523#.  Although you will enter the service broadcast in an automatic “listen only mode”, you should mute your phone anyway as a precaution!



Sundays 9 to 10 a.m. and Monday – Thursday 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Copies of past “Notes from the Rector” can be found in the library

in a blue binder on the shelf to the left of the “sign-out book”.

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